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                                   TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED
                                   By RICHARD J. AGNICH
                                      Richard J. Agnich
                                      Senior Vice President,
                                      Secretary and
                                      General Counsel

Date:  March 9, 1994

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                                                       EXHIBIT 21

News Release

Robert L. Price     214-995-2355
(Please do not publish this number.)

Semiconductor Licensing Program Achieves Milestones

     DALLAS (March 9, 1994) -- Texas Instruments announced today
that it has made significant progress toward completion of the
"1990 round" of its semiconductor industry licensing program. 
"By reaching agreement with Micron and Goldstar we have
substantially completed our current licensing program and can
begin to focus on the 1995 round of renewal discussions which
will begin next year," reported Richard J. Agnich, Senior Vice
President and General Counsel of TI.  "Since we began our efforts
in 1989, we have reached agreement with 26 semiconductor
companies throughout the world,"  he added.

     Under terms of the agreements, Micron Technology Inc. and
Goldstar Electron Co., Ltd., each will be licensed through 1998
to TI semiconductor patents in exchange for licenses to
semiconductor patents of those companies.  TI will receive
royalty payments based on sales of semiconductors by Micron and
Goldstar.  Payments include catch-up payments, which will be
reflected in TI's first-quarter 1994 results, and ongoing
royalties throughout the terms of the licenses.

     "It is satisfying to have reached all these agreements
within the same framework, one that treats all licensees fairly
and recognizes the value of TI's technological contributions to
the semiconductor industry," Mr. Agnich said.  "We are pleased to
have done so with a minimum of litigation," he added.

     The agreement with Micron ends litigation between TI and
Micron, reducing TI's semiconductor patent litigation to two
conflicts, that with Fujitsu Limited over the Kilby Patent in
Japan and with Analog Devices, Inc., Cypress Semiconductor
Corporation, LSI Logic Corporation and VLSI Technology, Inc. in
the United States over TI plastic encapsulation patents.

     "The litigation in Japan is proceeding to a conclusion,
although the timing of action on the plastic encapsulation
lawsuit remains uncertain," noted Mr. Agnich.  The record in the
Fujitsu litigation has been closed and no new arguments will be
heard by the court.  A decision is expected before mid year.  "We
believe the Kilby patent should be enforced by the court," said
Agnich.  "Still, we have to recognize that litigation is
uncertain by its nature as to timing or outcome.  This is
litigation and it is in a country which has yet to establish a
clear record for protecting intellectual property."

     The litigation with Analog, Cypress, LSI and VLSI over their
use of TI's patented plastic encapsulation technology is pending
in Federal District Court in Dallas.  The plastic encapsulation
technology covered by this patent revolutionized integrated
circuit packaging by offering manufacturers a reliable
alternative to expensive ceramic packaging.  In 1993, the
International Trade Commission ruled the defendants had infringed
TI's patent.  TI is seeking damages in the Dallas litigation and
the defendants are denying the enforceability of the patents.  No
trial date has been set in the plastic encapsulation litigation
in Dallas.

NOTE TO THE EDITORS:  Texas Instruments Incorporated,
headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a high-technology company with
sales or manufacturing operations in more than 30 countries.  TI
products and services include semiconductors; defense electronics
systems; software productivity tools, printers, notebook
computers and consumer electronics products; custom engineering
and manufacturing services; electrical controls; and
metallurgical materials.