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Texas Instruments Latest VoIP System-on-Chip, Software Puts Customers on Fast-Track to Residential Applications

DALLAS (March 7, 2006) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE:TXN], announced its latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system on a chip, the TNETV1061, providing advanced VoIP and data routing features for the rapidly growing VoIP market. The DSP-based solution is ideal for residential applications where voice quality, scalability, low cost and reliability are essential for service provider deployments. Manufacturers will benefit from an optimized solution that significantly reduces the bill of materials, while providing a significant improvement in performance and a full suite of advanced VoIP call features.

TI's newest residential VoIP solution integrates the company's market-leading Telogy SoftwareTM for high-quality VoIP with the strength of TI DSPs for real-time signal processing. The complete software and silicon solution is anchored by the TNETV1061's dual processor architecture, ideal for simultaneous real-time voice processing and data traffic under heavy load conditions. Whether designing an analog terminal adapter, VoIP gateway/router, VoIP-enabled 802.11b/g access point/router or broadband cordless phone, the TNETV1061 solution provides the processing power and offers the software features demanded by both service providers and consumers. For more information please go to:

"The broadband customer premise equipment (CPE) market grew by 20 percent worldwide last year, in large part due to a heavier focus on and greater consumer interest in residential devices to deliver more advanced services," said Joyce Putscher, principal analyst, In-Stat. "As consumers continue adopting VoIP for its cost-savings benefits, they will certainly look for additional features from their broadband gateways and TI is well-positioned to deliver these advanced products to the industry."


High Quality Voice, Security for Consumers

To aid manufacturers in bringing products to market quickly, TI's TNETV1061 solution supports a complete suite of voice and network protocols, call features and XML-based configuration and remote management. The TNETV1061 also provides consumers with advanced security features such as Secure RTP and SIP TLS while maintaining the voice channel densities required for residential products. This new product incorporates TI's PIQUATM embedded IP quality management technology, offering real-time monitoring of IP services. PIQUA technology allows service providers to proactively assess voice quality parameters and dynamically adapt to changing network conditions to enhance the subscriber experience.


"As service providers rapidly expand their residential VoIP offerings, the TNETV1061 provides the additional processing power for emerging voice and data routing requirements while meeting the ever-present economical price pressures in retail and customer premise solutions." said Fred Zimmerman, executive director, customer premises solutions, at TI. "TI is the only company that can offer a VoIP solution that will allow service providers a high-quality, scalable and reliable solution at the right price point for the consumer space."


Converging Broadband Applications in the Home

The TNETV1061 further extends TI's leadership in supporting the growing requirements and processing power to support the move to fixed-mobile convergence in the home. Higher rate codecs, including EVRC and GSM, are also supported by the TNETV family of VoIP processors and Telogy software, allowing operators to provide the mobility of cellular service while lowering their operational costs using VoIP technology. 


The TNETV1061 solution seamlessly interfaces to TI's TNETW1350A 802.11b/g chip and pre-integrates the access point software to support WLAN-enabled VoIP products. By including TI's G++TM technology, consumers will benefit from twice the range and 50 percent greater throughput over previous WLAN solutions, while minimizing interference from products in the home such as microwaves, cordless phones and neighboring wireless networks.


Hardware Features

  • High performance TMS320C55xTM DSP core and MIPS RISC processor. With significant improvement in total performance from the previous generation, the faster processors provide increased routing performance and additional features. 

  • Memory interfaces, including a Double Data Rate (DDR) memory interface and a NAND Flash Memory interface, allowing local voicemail storage. 

  • Support for more cost-effective SLIC solutions, including the latest telephony interfaces from Legerity and Silicon Laboratories. 

  • Processing power to deliver two secure, simultaneous voice channels for conferencing. 

  • An Ethernet 10/100 Phys interface that supports AutoMDIX. 

  • VLYNQTM interface to TI's TNETW1350A 802.11b/g WLAN solution. 



Software Features

  • Full range of voice vocoders: G.711 (PCM), G.723.1A, G.726(ADPCM), G.729AB, GSM-FR, GSM-AMR 

  • Supports up to 4 channels of voice 

  • PIQUA voice quality monitoring, serviceability, manageability and network management 

  • Line echo cancellation: G.168-2002 

  • Packet loss compensation/recovery 

  • SIP protocol stack and supplemental services 

  • Secure RTP and SIP TLS 

  • T.38 Fax Relay: T.30, V.17,V.29, V.27ter, V.21 

  • V.34 Fax Support 

  • Conferencing Bridge 

  • Caller ID 

  • Foreign voltage telephony line test 

  • Network support package 

  • Wi-Fi certified 802.11b/g Access Point 

  • Linux OS




The TNETV1061 will be available in volume production in 2Q06 for customers interested in TI's complete residential VoIP software and hardware solution.