Texas Instruments issues its 2007 Corporate Citizenship Report

Texas Instruments issues its 2007 Corporate Citizenship Report

DALLAS (August 26, 2008) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) announced today that its 2007 Corporate Citizenship Report (CCR) is available online. The report details the company's social and environmental performance, reinforces its continued commitment to sustainability, and highlights 2007 accomplishments and progress.

"Texas Instruments' commitment to building a better future shapes our approach to everything we do," Richard K. Templeton, TI Chairman, President and CEO, said. "Throughout our company's history, we have remained steadfast in our determination to deliver both profitability and sustainability, by being responsible in our operations and treating our customers, employees, communities and environment with respect."

The report addresses key areas of corporate social responsibility, including:

  • TI's advancements in environmental stewardship and product design. TI analog and embedded processing technology is helping solve some of today's most difficult energy challenges. Through TI technology, customers are achieving innovative breakthroughs such as exceeding energy efficiency guidelines and developing clean energy technology.
  • The company's contributions to educational excellence, helping stimulate technological advancement, work force development and business growth. TI provided more than $9.4 million in grants to education research and programs in 2007 and expanded our university program with new partnerships in China and India.
  • TI's philanthropic investments, driven by the belief that the company's success is tied to the strength of the communities where employees live and work. In 2007, in countries such as the U.S., China, India and the Philippines, TI and its employees donated significant time and nearly $20 million to various civic, business and health and human services programs.


"Looking ahead, we will aim to replicate successful programs - in every facet of our operations - in TI communities across the globe," Templeton said. "We will continue to expand energy conservation measures, evolve community involvement and philanthropic strategies, and push forward on our wellness and work force development initiatives."

TI's 2007 Corporate Citizenship Report is available on TI's company website at www.ti.com\csr. Feedback is welcome at citizenshipreportfeedback@list.ti.com.