Texas Instruments and its employees express concern and support for citizens of China's Sichuan Province

Texas Instruments and its employees express concern and support for citizens of China’s Sichuan ProvinceTI pledges $250,000 to aid American Red Cross relief efforts in the region

DALLAS (May 14, 2008) – Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) employees around the world express their concern and support to the thousands of citizens of China’s Sichuan Province who have been affected by the earthquake that recently shook Central China. In response, TI is pledging $250,000 to aid the American Red Cross China Relief Fund for immediate relief efforts.

“Our employees from across the globe have been sending a flood of emails and placing phone calls to their managers and the TI leadership team showing a real concern for their fellow TIers in central China, as well as for our customers and partners in the region,” said Rich Templeton. “There is a strong feeling within the TI community that we want to support the people of Sichuan Province during this terrible time.”

In addition to TI’s corporate pledge, its employees are able to make contributions through a TI employee web site set up by the American Red Cross; donations will be directed to the China Relief Fund. According to organizations providing relief efforts, cash donations represent the best way to ensure needed supplies reach those affected. Supplies are procured locally and cannot be shipped due to transportation disruptions caused by the earthquake.

“As a member of the China business community, our first concern is for the safety and well-being of its people,” said Xie Bing, president of TI operations for China. “We are very fortunate that TI is in a position to answer the call for help and assist the community.”

The company’s relief pledge is an extension of efforts already underway by the TI Chinese Initiative (CI), which is part of the TI Diversity Network. Part of the CI’s charter is to promote responsibility during catastrophic events in the larger global communities in which TI operates and conducts business.

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