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  • Focusing on Analog and Embedded Processing - >82% of our revenue now comes from these markets.
  • Outgrowing the market - We've delivered $2.2B in organic revenue growth in Analog & Embedded Processing, 2009-2013, with 9% CAGR.
  • Generating cash & returning cash - We're in a uniquely strong class of growing companies that both generate and return cash.
  • Generating cash – top quartile of S&P 500 - Free cash flow was 24% of revenue in 2013.
  • Returning cash  - We returned 100% of our free cash flow to investors as dividends and share repurchases over the period 2008-2013.
  • Increasing dividends for 10th consecutive year - We increased our dividend rate by 33% in 2013.
  • Reducing share count through stock repurchases - We've reduced our share count by >35% since the beginning of 2005.
  • Using manufacturing to strategic advantage - Acquiring manufacturing assets opportunistically enables us to keep CapEx at historically low levels.

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Pacific Crest investor conference

Dave Pahl
Dave Pahl
VP, Head of Investor Relations

Tuesday, August 11
11 a.m. Mountain time

2Q15 earnings conference call

Kevin March
Kevin March
SVP & Chief
Financial Officer
Dave Pahl
Dave Pahl
VP, Head of
Investor Relations

Wednesday, July 22
4:30 p.m. Central time

2014 Annual Report & 2015 Proxy Statement

2014 Corporate Citizenship Report


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